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Enrolling at Owhiro Bay School

Owhiro Bay School is not zoned and welcomes new enrolments at any time.

New Entrants

When a child turns five years of age they are entitled to attend school, however enrolment is not compulsory until they turn six. Owhiro Bay School has decided to set start dates for groups of new entrants starting school from 2019.  This is known as Cohort Entry.  Cohort entry means new entrants would start in groups at points in the year rather than being able to start on the day of their 5th birthday. Parents still decide if their child is ready to start school and can select a starting dating that best suits their child as long as the child is enrolled and attending school by the time they are six years old. To find out more about Cohort Entry please click here.

There are a number of forms to fill in at this time, so it is a good idea to ring or call in at school several weeks prior to enrolment to get these forms and fill them in before the big day. It is also a good idea to arrange for your child to attend their new class at least twice (more if possible) before they begin. Parents/whanau are expected to stay with their child/children during these visits. This ensures that the place and people aren’t all new and scary when your child starts. Try to include a lunchtime or playtime in your visit so you can familiarise your child with the play area and play equipment. Please note that it is essential for the Office Manager or Principal to sight a birth certificate or some official document to verify that the child is five years old and enable us to enrol your child.

Our new entrants class is Harakeke.

Contact Numbers

When enrolling, it is important to provide the school with two contact telephone numbers, where someone can be located in the event of an emergency. It is also important that you advise the school should these numbers change at anytime.

School Hours

School starts at 8.55am. Children have a morning tea break from 11:00 – 11.30am and a lunch break from 12.40–1.30pm, with supervised eating time 12:40–12:50pm. School finishes at 3.00pm.

Children should not be at school before 8.30am unless you have made a special arrangement with their teacher. This is to ensure that teachers have the opportunity to make the necessary preparations for the day.

Parents are also encouraged to make appointments to speak with teachers outside the 8.30-9.00am timeslot in order for teachers to be available to greet the children as they arrive.

At 3.00pm children should go straight home and then return to the school grounds if they wish to play. This is a safety measure to ensure that parents/caregivers know where their children are and what they are doing. At 3.15pm each day any children not yet collected come into the school foyer and parents or emergency adults contacted.

After school care

Enjoy offers after-school care based at Owhiro Bay School. Parents/caregivers interested in using these services should contact Enjoy directly. Pride Lands also offers after-school care at their premises in Brooklyn with a pick up service from Owhiro Bay School. Parents/caregivers interested in using these services should contact Pride Lands.

More Information

For more information please contact the school office anytime.

School Charter


Owhiro Bay School Charter

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Mission: We inspire students to become curious learners and confident citizens in an inclusive community environment.

Motto: E tipu e rea – In our children lies the future.


  • Respect
  • Originality
  • Confidence
  • Kindness
  • Success


Owhiro Bay Learning Community fosters a sense of belonging that encourages a passion for lifelong learning. Through collaborative relationships we celebrate diversity and honour family and whānau aspirations.

Owhiro Bay School is obliged to fulfil the requirements set out in the National Education Goals and to administer the school according to the National Administration Guidelines 1-8.

Owhiro Bay School is committed to delivering a future focused curriculum for all ?konga in balanced programmes as outlined in the National Curriculum Statements embodied in Te Ara Tika o te Kura o Owhiro Bay (Owhiro Bay School Curriculum).

Owhiro Bay School is committed to enabling all learners to attend school regularly, participate, engage and achieve-including those with Special Learning Needs.

Policies and Procedures

To view Owhiro Bay School’s policies and procedures please click here and enter username: owhiro  and password: happy

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