Owhiro Bay School

Owhiro Bay School Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees works closely with staff and parents and is committed to the continual development of the best possible educational opportunities for our children.

The Board is elected every three years by the school community to govern the school. This entails development and ratification of school policies, community consultation and supporting the day to day management of the school.

The Board meets twice a term in week 3 and week 8 in the school staffroom on a Thursday evening. There are reminders of these meetings published in the weekly school newsletter. Parents/caregivers are most welcome to attend any of the Board meetings. Please feel free to contact the Trustees ahead of a meeting if there is information you would like to pass on, or an issue you would like discussed. Their contact details are available from the school office. Board meeting minutes are also available from the office foyer.

Current Board of Trustees
  • Peter Noble (Chair, RTLB Liaison)
  • Joss Debreceny (Secretary)
  • Amy Weightman (Kindergarten Liaison)
  • Elliot Kirton (Treasurer)
  • Laurel Barr
  • Tineke Giddy (Principal)
Board of Trustees Parent Representatives peter

Hello, I am Peter and I've been on the board for the last five years, with the last two as Chair. Ishani and I have been living in Owhiro Bay since 2004, a few months after our first child was born. Arunan is now at SWIS, and my other two children are Anusha in Nicola's class and Chrishan in Sean's.




Hi, I'm Joss Debreceny, and I live in Island Bay with my wife Emma. Our eldest Matthew is in his last year at Owhiro Bay School and will be going to SWIS next year. Oscar is in Year 4, and our youngest, Sam, is about to start at Owhiro Bay, having been at the Kindy for several years. We've lived in Owhiro and Island Bays since 2007 and love being part of the learning community.

Amy Weightman

Tena koutou, ko Amy Weightman toku ingoa. My family and I first became part of the Owhiro Bay community in 2011 when our daughter started at the Kindergarten - she is now thoroughly embedded as a willing participant in Year 1 and our son is now at the Kindergarten. It is a community that is important to us and one we enjoy belonging to. Ahakoa he iti te matakahi, ka pakaru i a ia te totara.

Elliott Kirton, Treasurer

My wife Deb and I have been involved with the Owhiro Bay School and Kindergarten for the past six years as Will made, and shortly Tom makes, the transition between the two. Due to our kids' football, the school grounds even play a part in our weekends.

Laurel L. Barr


Kia Ora Koutou Katoa! I'm Laurel and I, together with my family, have lived in Island Bay for 17 years. My husband Chris and my two sons Kahurangi (10) and Te Po Atarau (7) have loved living in our little bit of country in the city. Kahu was one of the founding children starting at the brand new Kindergarten and then Atarau followed him from age one. My background is in art and education and I am very pleased to be a part of the board to use my skills and passion to the table of our awesome little school. We think Owhiro Bay, the learning community and the amazing people who live here are very special and we all feel privileged to be able to grow here.